Gastón Blumen ////////


Don Max, originally Don Maximiliano, was born from the search to represent pain. Together with the art collective Grupo Coloquio this initiative materialized in the exhibition Terapia Grupal de Autoayuda (Self-Help Group Therapy). After that instance, the image of Don Max constantly reappears as a sad reminder of the ever-present pain.

The compulsive and obsessive repetition of Don Max also became a painful act that began to consume me. The multiplication of his face, intervened, screen printed and even animated, turned into a delirium. In the end I decided to release Don Max from his pain, and myself from him. So I killed him. As a farewell ritual and to remember him, I built him an *Animita where I accommodated and destroyed part of the work produced.

*Animita, from the word Ánima (soul), is the Chilean term used to refer to a place of worship. Its aesthetic and religious nature recalls a tragic event that took place in public spaces. Generally it materializes as a small sanctuary.

This is the video record of the Animita dedicated to Don Max. Slowly turning in to dust it is a place where his memory rests in peace, located at the southern base of "Cerro San Cristobal" in Santiago de Chile.